A Rose Gentian by any other name…

A Rose Gentian by any other name would look as neat. Apologies are due to William Shakespeare as the correct quote is “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!” from Romeo and Juliet. When you first see a Rose Gentian, you think of the coloring antics of your grandchild as the blossom is decorated with a yellow star sometimes outlined in red and white and always shaded with a delicate pink tone. I couldn’t have created a more colorful drawing but Finley, my four year old artist, could and does on a regular basis. The Rose Gentian (Sabatia stellaris) is found throughout Georgia but is more common in coastal counties with moist, sandy soil.

I know my granddaughter designed this colorful blossom!

Blossoming in mid-summer to fall, the Rose Gentian in endangered in many eastern coastal states and rare in Georgia and once you find one, it is unforgettable.

My first contact with the Rose Gentian was in Charleston, South Carolina.
Wow! You never see just one!
A cousin – the Marsh Rose Gentian has deeply cut petals and lacks my granddaughter’s doodling.
Here is another cousin – The Arkansas Rose Gentian. The green sepals add intrigue.
The Meadow Pink or Meadow Gentian can be easily raised in home gardens – I might add a few this year.
The occasional white variant has just a blush of pink.
Someone asked me once why I liked wildflowers. Sharing a recent photo was my direct answer.

1 thought on “A Rose Gentian by any other name…

  1. Those are beautiful!!!


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