Peachy Keen in a Flower Scene!

Some states, I am discovering, have a “state wildflower” and some states have a “state flower”. Delaware, our eighth alphabetical state, has only a state flower. Do they not have any wildflowers in the fields and on the seashore? Of course they do but I am sticking to my theme of the official flower of each state and, perhaps, as I finish this article, I will try and include some beach wildflowers found in the sandy, marshy domain that is eastern Delaware. The Peach blossom was adopted in the early twentieth century by Delaware and, as those of you from my state of Georgia know, Peaches have a beautiful bloom which is decimated every few years by late frost and thus eradicates most of the Peach crop.

The Delaware State Flower.

Where did Peaches originate? Is there a wild Peach like the crabapple is to the domesticated apple? The scientific name, Prunus perspica, refers to a Persian Plum which is misleading although it is a member of the Plum family.The Peach did not originate in Persia as Europeans believed; instead, it is a native to northwest China and from there was distributed along trading routes to all corners of the globe. In fact, more than 50% of all Peaches produced today still come from that corner of China.

The Peach in China is an ancient religious symbol.

Is there a native Peach in the US? Thomas Jefferson thought so and cultivated twenty-five varieties from imports and “native” species but, actually, the Spanish brought the Peach with them when they conquered Mexico and Peaches became “wild” in Spanish Florida and throughout the Southeastern English colonies. They are all emmigrants from Persia and China. Today, there are 49 varieties of Peaches grown at Jefferson’s estate in Virginia and hundreds of varieties grown in China..

A “wild” Peach blossom is just as pretty as a cultivated one.

Let’s go back to Delaware and check out the beaches. Not for Peaches or sand dollars, but to view some native beach wildflowers.

The Butter and Eggs wildflower can be seen all along the upper Atlantic coast including Delaware.
False Heather or Wooly Beach Heather is everywhere along Delaware beaches.
The Marsh Mallow is common in the summer.

Back to the Peach blossom and here is my parting shot taken in Northwest China – Home of the Peach.

Our next alphabetical state is Florida and surely some exotic tropical wildflower has been chosen to represent the state. What awaits us both is a surprise!

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