Landscaping Projects – Rest of 2019

To get things done, sometimes its good to put goals in writing and share them. So here are my landscaping goals for the balance of the year.

  • Finish the hillside – I am aout 65% completed with landscaping the backyard hillside, So far I have installed 3.5 tons of pond rock – placing each 10-25 pound stone by hand. Three terraces composed of red-charcoal landscaping blocks are almost completed and I am into my third pallet of blocks. Of, course, I have to backfill the created terraces and I have used two cubic yards of topsoil to go along with the crumpled clay from excavating. Plantings are up to date and I have installed about three dozen perennials and annuals. With the heat of mid-summer, I can only work for a few hours each morning and I am nearing the end of the second month of work.
The hillside in back was a constant erosion problem last year. Now the combination of rock and terraces will stop the erosion.
  • Complete a shade garden on the left side of the house. Last summer I build a flat stone walkway and custom gates for my cedar privacy fence. This year with the completion of a new home on my left side, I want to take advantage of the shade created and construct a shade English garden with the stone walkway down the center. The garden will be 15 feet wide and about 25 feet long. It will be a repository for my hostas which I will transplant from the sunnier front yard. I will build a wrought iron fence for the front of the garden and the house will be on the right with the privacy fence on the left and back.
Future shade garden enjoying the morning sun
  • Powerwash and stain the remainder of my privacy fence. I built the fence with cedar planks instead of pine and to sustain the natural beauty and longevity of cedar I need to do a final powerwash and stain with semi-transparent oil stain.
Note the unfinished fence in the top right. It will have to be pressure washed and stained.
  • Create horizontal landscaping block planting beds on the inside of my fence and up the hill. I built several of these early in the Spring and they look good. now I need to finish the remainder up the hill.
The horizontal planting beds that go up the hill on the side of the fence. There will be about six planting beds and I have done 3 – shown here.
  • Finish the grassing at the top of the hill. This flat area now consists of weeds and crabgrass. I need to apply Roundup and then level with topsoil and seed with fescue grass. This will also slow water flow after heavy rains which in the past has contributed to my hill erosion.
The top of the hill – note the slight drop from right to left at the top of the rock. This will have to be weed-eradicated, leveled, and seeded this Fall.
  • Install French drains on both sides of the house to quickly remove ponded water after heavy rains.
With the new home construction next door, I need to install a French drain between the houses to insure a quick rain runoff.
On the other side of my home, I need to also install a French drain to carry runoff from my new neighbor’s home as well as mine.

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