A Home in the Wilds

We didn’t plan on visiting the Wupatki National Monument. In fact Carolyn and I never heard of it until leaving Sunset Crater National Monument on our way to Grand Canyon. But there it was and we just had to see what was there as it appeared to be nothing but a vast prairie – a hot prairie – as the temperature was 105 degrees!

Wupatki is twenty miles north of Sunset Crater and about 60 miles south of Grand Canyon.
Something unique must be here but what could it be?
Somewhere in this vast dry, hot prairie is a pueblo built by Native Americans over 800 years ago.

On a rock outcrop in the middle of nowhere, rises a three story pueblo that was once someone’s home.

Can you imagine kids playing on the hillside?

The construction is rock upon more rock – not sun-baked mud but engineered red rock. There once was a roof probably made of wood and ladders permitting entry to each level.

Food was probably stored in the middle levels isolating it from vermin and lizards. It was slightly cooler on the lowest level but still over a 100 degrees. How did they avoid the heat?

To the south, the volcanos were visible and scattered around were the black “bombs” of explosion thrown rocks. This settlement happened after the eruption.

The structure sat atop a rocky hill and from the top, one could see forever.
Each wall rock was engineered for a perfect fit.
Other building foundations were in the area. Notice the flat prairie extending northward.
Only part of the lower walls survived.
Were the residents that small? No – they had to crawl from room to room.
Volcanos loom in the distance a mere 20 miles away. Supposedly over 200 pueblo dwellings can be found within the few square miles of the park.
Good-bye from a little visited National Monument. We learned to appreciate the struggles of a long lost civiliztion.

We now are headed to a major desination – Grand Canyon National Park! There is absolutely no evidence that anything as immense as the Grand Canyon exists here on the very flat prairie. We are excited! Come join us tomorrow!

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