Around the Garden… February 24, 2021

In the background the Spring Peepers are chirping, the sun is ablaze, and buds are forming poised to explode! It’s still winter but signs of Spring are everywhere in the garden, One plant, a Hellebore, is already in bloom and what a show it is putting on! Purple with yellow stamens… one, two, three… no four blossoms in full glory with staying power for another month or more. What pollinates them? With freezing temperatures at night, could it be an insect aflight during warm afternoons? I don’t know. If you do, please let me know. So let’s survey the early spring risers and preview what is in store for March and April.

Hellebores come in a variety of colors from pale green to deep red. I like the purple ones!
This is a patch of common orange Daylilies or Ditch Lilies that are poking skyward checking out their neighbors. I have two dozen hybrid Daylilies of all shapes and colors that will bloom from May to August,
Jonquils and tulips are eager to stretch and spread their Spring cheer.
Dutch Iris have been green all winter and are oblivious to Frosty. Give them a few more weeks, and we will see deep blue blossoms.
Japanese Pieris are budded and ready to open their white blueberry-like blooms before erupting in scarlet new leaves. One of my favorites!
Hens’n’Chicks survived the winter well and are ready to lay a few eggs.
Pruned roses are beginning to burst with new leaf buds
My western wildflower garden is showing signs of life with sprouting poppies, five-spots, larkspur, and “you never know what else”
My Southern Magnolia had a little winter damage but is OK. Will this be the year we see a first bloom? Probably not – still too young.
Red Sedum is sprouting on the ends of many stems.
My dwarf Rhododendron is new this year and looks like it will be covered in purplish-pink blossoms. Late March? Hope so!
The purple Butterfly Bush promises to be as resplendent as last year!~
White Lilac is new and won’t disappoint! There are two surrounded by red Hydrangea and all are budding well.
Even a Dogwood wants to jump on the budding wagon. Welcome!
The five foot tall Pinxter Azalea will definitely blossom in March!
And right after the Pinxter, will be the Flame Azalea in bright orange, pink, and yellow!
Itching to join the fray, Turk’s Cap Lilies reach for the morning sun!

1 thought on “Around the Garden… February 24, 2021

  1. Good post, as we need a little spring popping up.


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