Stop #17 – Four Presidents and One Crazy Horse

With all the political turmoil surrounding the 2020 election, we are reminded that few US Presidents experienced a hassle free administration. On the morning of our last full day touring the scenes and history of the mountain West, we visit a man made tribute to four of our previous Presidents – Mt. Rushmore. Rising above Covid, challenged votes, political intrigue are four larger than life sculptures of Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

The sculptor, Gutzon Borglun, chose Washington to represent the birth of our country. In his eight years in office, do you believe Washington experienced challenges to his authority and guidance?
Thomas Jefferson was chosen to represent the growth of our country as our area doubled under his presidency. What challenges do you think Jefferson withstood?
Roosevelt was chosen to represent the development of the United States. International crises were at the forefront of his presidency and he also began the National Park System. Always controversial, Roosevelt had strong convictions of being right in all he did. I wonder if he had any political enemies. Many, I am certain!
Half a country despised Lincoln and a sizable portion of the other half wanted him removed from office, yet he persisted and held the country together. The preservation of the US was the Lincoln theme the Mt Rushmore sculpture thought most important. The problems during his administration dwarf our petty political concerns today.
Mt Rushmore reminds us of who we are, from whence we come, and that tribulations are fleeting. All of our Presidents succeeded yet none were perfect. Our visit to this National Monument reminds us that we are a free people with a bright future. Let’s not forget that.

Just a few miles from Mt Rushmore is the unfolding Crazy Horse Monument, a tribute to the Native Americans who once who once lived, worked, and played not only in the Black Hills but throughout the Americas.

We reluctantly leave these man-made tributes to venture eastward back to nature and a day in the Badlands National Park. From here we will start our journey back to reality but what a wonderful two weeks! Everything from deep underground caverns to unyielding canyons and piercing mountains became part of our adventure. America is a great land and I am glad I live here. Thank you for joining us on our virtual pre-tour.

1 thought on “Stop #17 – Four Presidents and One Crazy Horse

  1. Always wanted to see this!



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