Stop #11 – Morning in a Mountain Paradise

There are a few places on this earth that merit “paradise”. One is in west-central Wyoming and with the combination of visual acuity, the sound of solitude, and call to adventure. Grand Teton National Park is a natural treasure, a wonderland, a true paradise. Adam and Eve could have called it home as the elk and bear due today. The mountain peaks rise defiantly upward seemingly knowing no limits, while the lakes and ponds below reflect in symmetry each pass, each rock, each snowflake.

We virtually car-camped in Jackson, Wyoming, last night and felt the exhilarating chill of crisp mountain air and dreamed the promise of morning sunbeams splashing and unfolding peak after peak in hues of gold and silver. It will be one of the few mornings we energetically wake before light and position ourselves for the view of a lifetime- morning in the Tetons!

Remembering yesterday on our virtual trip, we lunched around the rounded mountains surrounding Bear Lake but, here, the word “round” doesn’t exist as these are the youngest mountains in the Rocky Mountain system. Jagged peaks struggling upward as pines seem to do in a crowded forest. If you haven’t been here, it is hard to appreciate the sensory highs you experience – one after another – all at once.

A spectacular morning!
The fog lifts as morning descends.
Jenny Lake is a perfect photo stop.
Bison abound along with elk, bear, wolves and all the normal wilderness fauna.
Summer brings wildflowers but snow persists!

This morning we wallow in mountain meadows – this afternoon we venture an hour northward to scenery of a different sort ay Yellowstone. We will spend two days visiting mud pots, geysers, and grizzly bears. Come join us!

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