Stop #7 – “Grand” Says It All!

If you research synonyms to the word “Grand”, you may encounter “magnificent · imposing · impressive · awe-inspiring · splendid · resplendent · superb · striking · monumental · majestic · glorious · palatial · stately · large · luxurious · sumptuous · lavish · opulent ·” and perhaps a hundred more. but I think a simple “Grand” says it all. The Canyon depth is over a mile and its span approaches 18 miles and in between? Hundreds – thousands – of spires, columns, peaks, in red, orange, purple, yellow and an infinite number of browns, grays, and blacks … ever-changing! The Colorado river surges, cascades, and ripples in a soundless orchestra of swirls and runs seemingly forever away at the apparent floor so far below.

So much!

Grand Canyon National Park is certainly a highlight of our upcoming 2021 grand adventure and even though I visited here many years ago, it will seem like a happy dream dreamt again and again – always different, always the same, always comforting, always challenging. There are few words that convey what the eye beholds on that first encounter or the second. The horizon is endless.

Endless horizon… endless detail. Infinite light — inky darkness.

A Leap of Faith!

We left Sunset Crater an hour ago and the rest of the afternoon we will overload our senses on the color, depth, and simple expanse of the Grand Canyon. Evening brings purple hues as the rocks capture the last rays of sunshine to hold and explode all over again as golden splashes the next morning. In June, we experience the longest days and, yes, we will be there as the first sunburst spills over the tallest pinnacle and makes its way bouncing along terrace, ridge, and shelf falling and filling every crevasse, every crack, every splinter of rock, boulder, and layered face.

Dawn creeps and crawls awakening every rock in turn.

Can we capture that majesty on camera? Never. But try we will. All who visit – try. Only your memory can record nature’s tapestry.

If you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon – come visit.

As morning unfolds, we start our next trip phase – slowly winding our way up Utah, into Wyoming and the grandeur of Teton and Yellowstone. Different and just as visually challenging. Join us!

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