Stop #5 – Forever Free and Forever Tree

Last night on our virtual pre-tour of our impending trip next June, we car-camped near Silver City, New Mexico, and today we crossed the continental divide running through the Gila National Forest and Wilderness area and bumped our way through the central desert basin of Arizona and arrived at Stop #5 – the Petrified Forest National Park in the midst of the Painted Desert.

From Silver City to Petrified Forest is one of our longer jaunts on this trip, but we hope to arrive with plenty of time to take in the million year old forest of multi-colored petrified wood.

Reflecting on our trip in the midst of political controversy, pandemic instability, and economic uncertainty, I have come to realize what a great country we live in. We are free to travel, choose our daily activities, eat where we want, and just be ourselves and that’s great! Let’s get back to these old trees. None are standing and all are in pieces – truck, bark, and interior “fossiled” by mineral intrusion into exact tree form but so many colors!

This “older than dirt” forest of mature trees was buried perhaps by a flood and the wood was infiltrated by mineral solutions which replaced the wood fiber producing over time an exact reproduction of the original tree.
Looks like a fallen tree and it was but now a rock!
The detail is amazing!
We are in the center of the Painted Desert and taking our eyes off the trees for a moment gives us a panorama of colors extending “forever”.
Just beyond Petrified Forest is Meteor Crater – a must stop! Think of being a witness to a huge meteor crashing into the earth leaving a mile wide crater! Wow!
So much to see and so much to do!
Petrified Wood up close and personal.

Leaving the woody looking rocks behind, we study the absolutely clear night sky and begin planning our next day’s adventure to the Grand Canyon!

1 thought on “Stop #5 – Forever Free and Forever Tree

  1. Been a long time since I visited the Petrified forrest



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