Stop #4 – Geronimo and Billy the Kid

After being temporarily blinded by whiter than white sandy dunes in South Central New Mexico, we ramble westward to Geronimo country. The legendary Apache Indian chief roamed the wild mountains and forests near Silver City, New Mexico, the destination for our first night of car-camping. My Explorer SUV with a tent extension will be our nightly home for most of the trip unless the temperature drops below 40 degrees and then we will scamper to the nearest Choice Hotel. Silver City, as its name suggests, is a 19th century mining town and since the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid claimed Silver City as one of his stomping grounds, we can only imagine how nights in the Wild West were passed. Surely not in the comfort of a car-tent with electricity and water at our fingertips. Perhaps a sojourn to the Buffalo Bar is in the itinerary!

Silver City lies at the foot of the Gila National Forest which we will drive through at the start of tomorrow’s adventures.
The Jalisco CafĂ© in Silver City will be our intro to Southwestern Cuisine. Can’t wait!
Billy the Kid wouldn’t recognize downtown Silver City today. Note the high curbs to protect against flooded streets. When the city was first laid out, the planners failed to plan for proper drainage.
We will be camping in City of Rocks State Park.
Geronimo and his warriors defended their homeland with tenacity for over 30 years.
The Gila National Forest awaits us as we leave Silver City and head to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks.

Gila National Forest is a vast wilderness area resplendent with waterfalls, rock formations, and stately Pine. We should be able to stop at a few wayside parks and sample the countryside that made Geronimo famous. Come join us tomorrow as we head to more desert area and explore the million year old forest of petrified trees. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. That looks like so much fun!



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