Stop #3 – I’m Dreaming of a White…

White Sands National Park! Our third overall stop on Day Two of our virtual “pre-journey” is to one of our newest National Parks in southern New Mexico. Miles and miles of pure white sand looking as if a fresh snow blanketed the countryside overnight. We left Hueco Tanks in Texas, skirted around El Paso, and headed north about an hour to spend some time searching for rare wildflowers in the interdunal gaps of white, gleaming. sunglasses required, mini-mountains of endless sand.

Yes, I have been here before – fleeting memories reinforced.
A dune in time.
A lonely Yucca thirsts for a short storm encounter. Rain is less than 10 inches per year but surprisingly Flora abounds.
The Gypsum Centaury adds a touch of life to the overpowering whiteness.
The African Oryx antelope were introduced 40 years ago and live on the edges of White Sands.

The white sand is not the same as found on pristine Florida beaches. It is gypsum sand not the standard silicon dioxide but it forms slippery dunes and dune skiing is a popular pastime in the park. We will spend an hour or two on the eight mile road through the park and then head out to our second nightly stop and our first car-tent camping adventure of this trip in the wild west town of Silver City, New Mexico. Join us around our campfire as we relish the day’s memories and plan Day 3 at the Petrified Forest in Arizona.

1 thought on “Stop #3 – I’m Dreaming of a White…

  1. Beautiful!



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