Stop #2 – Hueco Tanks State Park

As we left (virtually) Carlsbad Caverns National Park and preview our upcoming Western Trip, we pass and briefly stop at Guadeloupe Peak – the highest point in Texas, I watched a video of a hike to the top of the Peak and I am not going to do it but the views over Texas and New Mexico were amazing! It is hard to understand that this part of the Southwest was under hundreds of feet of a salty ocean a million years ago and what is left is a coral ridge comprising today’s peak and surrounding hills. On to Hueco!

Sure I would love to climb it!
Hueco Tanks State Park is located in far west Texas near the New Mexico border just east of El Paso.
It has over 2,000 prehistoric pictographs! Why so many? Because the Tanks were a natural source of year round water in a very dry area.
The Tanks consist of a group of rocky outcrops that trap rain water and provide heat relief from the Texas desert surrounding the Tanks for miles. Early pioneers “found” the Tanks perhaps with the help of Native American guides.
An artist from thousands of years ago left a self-portrait perhaps?
Strange plants and wildflowers grow in the wetter areas. Can’t wait!

Not too many people know of Hueco Tanks State Park but we will spend a few hours and explore the easier paths. Pictographs are protected in the many crevasses and caves in the higher elevations but if we time our visit right, we should find some interesting wildflowers that can be found nowhere else. What’s our next stop? White Sands National Park just to our north in New Mexico and then a night camping in Silver City – wild west town extraordinaire!

1 thought on “Stop #2 – Hueco Tanks State Park

  1. The paths less travelled tend to offer some of the best surprises. It is sometimes good that a place is not so well-known 🙂


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