There comes a time…

There comes a time in every houseplant’s life when moving to a larger pot is needed. I have put off repotting my Splitleaf Philodendron for six months and today is the day! The general procedure for repotting is as follows:

  • Choose a new pot that has a drain hole in bottom. I chose a Mexican pot for a little color.
This Splitleaf has been in its original pot for two years. It was doing very well but the new adventurous aerial roots were whispering “Re-pot me!”. Note its new home to the right.
  • Add some rock to prevent plant from sitting in water. Philodendron are tropical jungle plants and like moisture but the roots will rot if left in water.
  • Trim any yellowing leaves and I also removed about a third of the green ones plus several of the aerial roots.
Inspect the root ball for any rotting roots… I didn’t have any.
Remove any yellowing leaves, thin leaves by a third, remove some of the aerial roots.
  • Add some potting soil with some perlite added for a rich, light soil. The prepared mix I use is Miracle Grow Potting Mix which contains 50% processed forest products, sphagnum peat moss, peat, perlite, compost, a light fertilizer. The fertilizer is a slow release combination of nitrogen (0,21%), phosphate (0,11%), and Potash (0.16%).
  • Put some mix (I did an inch) in the new pot’s bottom) and set the Philodendron in the new pot allowing several inches from the pot top. No need to separate roots as they will fill in with time.
About an inch in the bottom will encourage new root growth. Note the white Perlite which lightens the soil and allows for some air around the roots.
  • Fill in the space around the plant and I do not compact the new soil to give the adventurous roots plenty of air.
Don’t compact the new soil addition… let it compact naturally.
  • Water well with a collection saucer at the bottom for drainage. Re-water when the top 1/2 inch of soil is dry. Remember, Philodendron live in wet environments under trees with filtered light and natural drip irrigation.
For an hour or two a day, it will receive 50% filtered light. The rest of the day will be bright indirect light. Note the new leaf at top! That was quick!!!
  • In two years, I will re-pot once more.

1 thought on “There comes a time…

  1. I love those plants!



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