Around the Garden – November 29, 2020

Unbelievable! December is in a few days and our first sub-freezing night is tomorrow. Frantic rush to bring potted Kimberly Ferns indoors or at least to sunroom; get mulch down; and, otherwise prepare garden for Winter hazards. Christmas decorations abound as we got an early start with red and green spotlights from ten years ago – thankfully, they still work! Red ornaments hang from the Ginkgo tree and the Nutcracker, Clara Ballerina, and Santa check out the recent Pansy plantings. Earlier frosts have ended the reign of the giant Elephant Ear and multitude of Hosta. If I mulch the Ears heavily tomorrow, they will survive and enter their fourth year next summer to once again dominate the front porch garden.

Yes, Santa, I did mulch the Ginkgo.
The front porch garden is still alive with subdued colors.

Azaleas are still blooming and the Pieris are filled with February blooming buds. I did manage to trim all the frost bitten Hosta leaves but I will not transplant them until new sprouts appear in March. The Pieris will start sprouting crimson leaves in February and March and dominate the garden scene. The dark green leaves of Jasmine form a nice background to the orangey Pieris and some lingering Elephant Ears are emerging with thoughts of surviving the cold… won’t happen!

A few of the Yellow Pansy are in the lower center.

Clara surveys the new Pansy at her feet,

Just to the right is the rest of the front porch garden with a background of evergreen azalea with only a few of the late Fall blooms left, They will all fall as temperatures plummet

“Lucifer” contemplates the new mulch added today to protect the roots of Viburnum and Sweet Olive along the west property boundary. I will let the Olives grow to the height of the fence in the background and then train them to expand and create a living fence.


Doing a view 180 degrees from the previous one, you can see the rapid growth this year of the Copper topped Viburnum in front soon to be overshadowed by the Sweet Olives.
The Sweet Olives are actually in bloom this week. They bloom in November and again in early March filling the surrounding environment with a fragrant aroma.
A few roses are still blooming until tomorrow night.
Creeping Jenny is still bright green and will survive Winter and be transplanted to my back hillside,
My rescued Southern Magnolia has quadrupled in size and is becoming a focal point. The Creeping Jenny will be transformed onto the rock wall in the back.
THe St John’s Wort was a total success this year and I highly recommend it for its brilliant yellow flowers and red seed capsules. I need to plant more of it and will take cuttings off new growth come Spring.
Verbena continues to bloom through November as it has done all summer. A Great addition!
A welcome visitor navigates my retaining wall cover to inspect the trimmed Day Lilies.
Red Knockout Roses are still blushing! They will be severely pruned in late February to grow another five feet next summer. April and May we will witness a red explosion!
My red thin leaf Japanese Maple contrasts with more Creeping Jenny.
Did I mention the Shade Garden? The year 2021 will see a revitalization led by the now dormant Flame Azalea and the Pinkster Azalea.
Completing the circle, we are now back to the Pieris – one of my favorites sporting a rich green all winter.

Thank you for sharing a tour with me, Have a great Holiday Season!!

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  2. Loved seeing your garden!


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