Around the Garden — May 5th, 2020

“Around the Garden” has been working on community projects and it is time to see what is emerging, blooming, stalling in my residential garden. This is our third Spring in the new home and we have accomplished a lot but still hours and miles of seeds and weeds to go. The most striking blaze are our Knockout roses on the south border of our home. In February, I severely pruned them to an ideal four or five stalks anywhere from a foot to 18 inches tall. The idea was to contain the roses to a “below window” height and encourage new branches with multiple buds and blooms. So now, 2 and a half months later, we are approaching the mid-May eruption of RED! Each bloom is about 3 inches across. I also pruned a tea rose which is a graft of white and pink. The pruning was not as severe but the result is just as productive. A light fertilizer was applied in early March as the leaves began unfolding. The knockouts receive only natural water, have a weed membrane at soil level and are “mulched” with egg rock to prevent clay splatter on the house.

These Knock-Outs are starting their third year and were heavily pruned in mid-February before new growth began.
They responded well!
The hybrid pink-white combo is in mid-afternoon sun only with Creeping Jenny at the base. Pruning was medium with a raised ball shape and they responded with growth in all directions and large blooms.
I like unusual varieties of garden standards and this Clematis is no exception to that rule. It is in its third Spring with roots in the shade and vine in mid and late afternoon sun.
St John’s Wort promises to blossom with bright frilly faces during the next week. Can’t wait!
Purple Larkspur was a great addition to my tiny wildflower garden. They love full sun and will bloom every day in May.
The orange Day Lily or “Ditch Lily” is showing the first signs of a mid-May bloom. I have a large “patch” along my west facing front porch and these were a gift from a good friend.
Next to the Day Lilies are several lavender Garden Phlox which are poised to bloom this week!
Did I say “Lavender”? Fragrance and color will be ours in a week! Indian Hawthorne is to the top.
A solitary “Baby Blue Eyes” scans the varied textures in the wildflower garden.
Texture is as important as colorful blooms and here facing northwest is our Hosta garden with at least seven varieties. Some like a good separation between plants but I like the colors and patterns to blend and kiss.
Behind the Hosta and secured on a trellis, the White Jessamine or Jasmine begin their May untwisting.
What’s a garden without a few volunteers like these Oxeye Daisies? My wife’s favorite!
Of all the Hosta, “Blue” is a favorite — here framed by Heuchera.
Three more Hosta surround my Pink Pinxter Azalea in the newly created shade garden.

Thank you for taking the virtual tour and next week we will check on blooming progress.

2 thoughts on “Around the Garden — May 5th, 2020

  1. Beautiful gardens George – you’re ready for the cover of Better Homes and Gardens!!


    1. Nice comment! But miles of seeds and weeds to go!


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