Around the Garden on April 8, 2020

We have had a week of warm weather and no significant rain which has given plants a time to dry out a bit and start their spring growth. The most exciting move is being made by my Ginkgo tree as it emerges from winter dormancy with a hint of lime green fan-shaped leaves. It was planted about ten months ago so this is the first new leaves I have seen.

Ginkgo Tree on the move!

My two Pieris japonica are exploding in new scarlet leaves that look like crimson blossoms. The actual blooms were last week and are white blue berry-like bells.

Pieris is a great landscape bush!

The Flame Azalea is starting to drop blossoms after nearly two weeks of bright yellow-orange bloom clusters. New leaves are brilliant green and shoots have already grown six inches in the last month.

Other azaleas in bloom are a deep pink, purple, and a bright double pink. More will be blooming in the last two weeks of April.

The pink native azalea or Pinxter azalea has also been blooming for ten days and looks to continue for awhile.

Easily my favorite!
The pink Pinxter Azalea continues its bloom cycle as three Hosta unfold below it.
Red Knockout Roses promise to do well in the next few weeks!
I wonder what color these three Astilbe will be?
The first Clematis bloom of the season… many more to come!
The red thread-leaf weeping Japanese Maple has leaves and tiny blossoms coming out to welcome Spring.
The St. John’s Wort survived winter in style and will reward us with cheerful yellow blooms all summer.
Orange flowered Cannas will grow four more feet by June 1st. Lavender will start blooming soon and Indian Plantain in rear has erupted with new growth.
The Sweet Olive hedge has already grown a foot this year and bloomed in February and will again later in the year.
Hosta and Coral Bells provide color and leaf contrast.
It is hard to capture blooming Coral Bells as blossoms are only a quarter of an inch.
Hundreds of orange blossoms will dot the day lily garden in one more month!

Wow… I have to get out there and dig! Lots of Phlox, Acidanthera, and Blazing Star to plant!

1 thought on “Around the Garden on April 8, 2020

  1. I love Ginkgo trees, they are one of my favorite!!


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