Around the Garden … Mid-March 2020

Today in the misty rain. Front Garden to the left center and daylily garden to the right center. At the bottom of the sidewalk are garden mums emerging from their second winter’s sleep. The fern on the porch is a Queen Anne Fernand ferns to the left are second year Queen Annes.
At the left front porch entrance are Coral Bells (Heuchera). Purple variety is in its third spring and the yellow have just been planted.
Along the front of the porch garden arebBlue and gold aromatic Violas with red. yellow, and orange Kalanchoes. At the left are 40 emerging Purple Dutch iris. Coral Bells to the top.
Day Lilies (orange ditch lilies) are in a growth spurt with monkey grass in front and a chickweed in the blue pot.
Pieris at the head of the sidewalk are starting to bloom and soon after we will see the bright red emerging leaves.
There are 100 Daffodils starting to bloom in my west boundary garden between Sweet Olive bushes which actually have very small white blooms today. A few white iris are in the middle and will hopefully bloom in May.
Across the stone walkway from the Daffodil garden is my lone hybrid rose which is recovering nicely from a heavy pruning several weeks ago. On the ground are winter emerging Creeping Jenny which will cover the area with a rich green in a few weeks.
On the sunny side of the fence from the hybrid rose is my lavender plant and several Indian Plantain bushes which are budded and will bloom in the next week. The light green are unknown wildflowers.
Transplanted Day Lilies are emerging on my hillside and Periwinkles are starting to bloom in upper left on hillside.
More Day Lilies emerging and overwintered ornamental grass doing well. Purple Coneflowers are sprouting in upper right.
Two of my Queen Anne Ferns waiting planting in a terrace.
Hybrid Day Lilies in shed garden. Clematis will be growing on black trellis.
Knockout roses sprouting after pruning two weeks ago. They will be solid red in mid May.
Weeping Japanese Maple was lightly pruned last week.
Butterfly Bush is exploding and should bloom all summer.
Orange native azalea is waiting on the shade garden but will bloom in next two weeks.
Kalanchoe add color to an otherwise drab late winter garden.
Queen Anne Ferns loving the spring sunshine with azaleas in background getting ready to bloom.

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