My Top Ten Wildflowers Plus One

Dominating the Fall landscape in wet areas is what could be my #1 wildflower.
Growing next to the Cardinal Flower is the Great Blue Lobelia.
On the ground beneath the Cardinal Flower and Lobelia is the toxic Snakeroot.
Near the Snakeroot, grows the amethyst-colored Mistflower/
Coming in at #9 is the Painted Trillium.
The Lemon Trillium covers lowland, wet areas in large clumps.
On the hillsides, if you see one White Trillium, you will find a million.
In October and in dried up bogs and swamps grows the brilliant blue Fringed Gentian. Easily a top ten but #8 in this survey.
Number 7 is the summer blooming Meadow Beauty found in dry fields.
Whiteness is #6.
The Fringed Phacelia covers woodlands in early Spring.
The Fire Pink grows on cliffs that drip in the Spring – Like a red lighthouse they announce their presence – easily a top ten at #5.
Growing next to the Fire Pink and #4 in this survey is the Red or Eastern Columbine.
Number Three is the seldom seen in the east Indian Paintbrush.
Spring Beauties bloom in mid-March and is easily #2.
The Top #1 wildflower is a large bush growing on mountain tops in the north Georgia mountains.
No photo can capture the beauty of the Flame Azalea.
Imagine a ten foot high bush aflame with Orange, yellow, and red!
But wait! My “plus one” in the top ten is a native orchid with dozens of varieties in the US.
The complexity and uniqueness of the Lady’s Slipper make it an easy top ten.
Combine that with simplistic Beauty and you have the Lady’s Slipper!

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