Minutes of HOA/ City meeting March 10, 2020.

George E. Hart

March 10, 2020

Meeting minutes of quarterly get together of City of Adairsville with HOA Representatives

Representing the City of Adairsville were the Mayor, Kenneth Carson, the City Manager, Pam Madison, and the Chief of Police, Mike Jones. Representing the Adares Community were John Doyle and myself. Three other Community HOAs were also represented.

My first question concerned the Community Watch Program which is sponsored by the Bartow County Sheriff’s Department. Administration reps were very positive about the program and the HOAs represented all participated. Ms. Madison stated that she would contact the Sheriff’s Department to start the process of adding The Adares. Awareness signs have to be purchased by the HOA, but grants are available from Bartow County. The program is a closer alliance with the City Police Dept, and a series of educational programs geared toward developing community crime awareness and reporting procedures. One HOA rep stated that her community kept track of all residences with contact preferences and maintained records of vacations, business trips, and any other time a resident may not be at home. Chief Jones stated that his office would welcome calls informing him of when a resident was on an extended vacation and that patrolling officers would check those homes.

My next question centered on street signs and speed warnings. Chief Jones stated that since The Adares has not turned over the streets to the City, their office could not conduct radar traffic surveillance but would look out for excessive speeding or reckless driving. Ms. Madison stated that subdivision speed limits are set at 25 mph although some subdivisions adopted a 15 mph limit. Until the streets are turned over to the City, any signs advising speed limits or any other warnings such as “Children At Play” have to be purchased by the HOA and cannot be reimbursed at a later time. John and I will discuss that issue at a later date.

Street lighting was my next issue. The City is not involved in street lighting and the HOA must contact Georgia Power. John received a quote several years ago which included complete lighting of the Village and the Commons. At that time the cost was $1800 per month which is not within our present budget capabilities. There are about 80 residences at present and street lighting would raise our HOA monthly cost about $25/month if prices have not increased. When we are fully developed with 200 homes, the cost would decrease to about $10/month which would be worth the effort. I will contact Georgia Power and begin a thorough research of the subject.

We briefly discussed wild animal issues. The Police Chief knew of no past rabies issues in this area with coyotes or skunks and acknowledged that wild animal activity closely follows construction activity with trash and food items being unsecured.

The City of Adairsville has contracted Fire Department issues to Bartow County, and we discussed our recent garage fire. Response from the Fire Department was good, and we also discussed putting smoke detectors in garages versus heat detectors. City Building Codes do not require detectors of any kind in the garage, but a detector is highly recommended.

The City officials presented their upcoming events calendar as follows:

March 14th – St Patrick’s Day event 6-9 PM

March 28th – Bunnies and Books 10 AM to noon.

April 25th – Cleanup Day 8 AM to noon.

May 16th – BBQ and Blues 11 AM to 9 PM.

June 27th – Fourth of July “Adairsville Celebrates America” 5 PM-9:30 PM.

Before adjourning, we discussed the possibility of the Bartow County Master Gardeners participating with the City in an ongoing Downtown Adairsville Beautification Project and the future possibility of a Community Vegetable Garden. The City was very much interested in participation by the MGs as well as any Adares residents.

The next HOA/City meeting will be in September and by then, we should have made progress in the following areas:

  1. Community Watch Program
  2. Traffic Signage
  3. Street Lighting
  4. Community Gardens
  5. Closer cooperation with the Adares and the City Administration.

John and I met informally before the meeting and discussed paving issues. He does not yet have a definitive paving schedule from the pavers and he is aware that we need an advance notice of the paving schedule so we can plan road travel accordingly. We will meet next week to start discussions on HOA budget issues.

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