Around the Garden – Feb 29, 2020

It’s a beautiful, chilly, windy winter day and I thought I should traipse around the garden to check on how everything is doing.

Looks like I need to set the timer on my camera! Wildflowers I planted last October are doing well in my sunroom – today I start putting them in individual pots and get them ready for outside on April 1st.
Kimberley Queen Anne Ferns are enjoying a day in the sun with their daughters.
Roses are all pruned and ready for Spring!
Copper Top Viburnum has a little frost damage but it will recover nicely – yes that’s my shadow!
Weeping Japanese Maple has thousands of leaf buds! Looks like I need to do some pruning!
Future shade garden is awaiting some drainage correction. Plants are here and are being temporarily potted today. This will be a great project!
Orange Day Lilies are coming back nicely. I will have hundreds of blooms on June 1st!
Rocks on hillside did their job and prevented erosion despite record rain.
Lavender and Indian Plantain survived winter in grand style!
Hmm… a strange group of baby plants are thriving in my wildflower garden – have to wait for them to bloom to see what they are.
Sego Palm did well overwintering in sunroom. It can’t wait to get back to the front porch and sprout new fronds!
Evergreen azaleas patiently waiting on their new home in the shade garden.
Asiatic Lily bed to be. Today???
Overview from top of hill showing sunroom, pruned roses, sunning ferns, and rocked wall. In a few months it will look alive again!
Japanese Pieris had no trouble with winter and will be sporting white blooms in a few weeks.
Four foot tall deciduous native azaleas will become focal point of shade garden. They will be blooming with yellow and orange blossoms in a few weeks and then start leafing out. Can’t wait!
View looking west on sunny rock garden. Summer project will be completing curve in background
and adding perennials.
Purple Butterfly Bush stayed green all winter and will bloom all summer. The lattice in back will be a basis for the utility box camouflage in the front yard — another looming project!
The Sweet Olive boundary hedge was last year’s project and Daffodils are filling in the space between the eventual hedge. The Olives are actually blooming now with a small, very sweet blossom.

Wow — the projects underway and planned are almost overwhelming! I will tackle them a little each day and keep a monthly photo record of my progress. This end of February journey was fun and helped me keep a focus on what needs to be done. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!!!

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