The Black Kye-Oat Roams Again…

As if the Coyote needed any more bad press, word came yesterday of a large black, homeless “dog” pitifully begging for kitchen scraps. He was all black as black can be and my wife’s friend, Robin, being the dog lover she is, found some leftover steak and threw it in the general direction of our wayward canine. He looked at her in amazement, then at the steak, back to her and realizing that this was no trick, scampered to the handout , jawed it, and bounded off for parts unknown.

What is it about the Black Kye-Oat that makes us shiver?

From her photo, the homeless “dog” looked like a cross between a skinny black Newfoundland and a German Shepherd. With a closer inspection, I noticed the long snout, perky ears, bushy tail, and long legs of who else than our wild neighbor – Mr. Kye-Oat as I prefer to call the enterprising Coyote. A second photo showed our black visitor with a more normal brownish-gray relative -probably a brother or sister.

Mr. Black Kye-Oat with a mate or sibling.

Now this presents a problem! Here was a more aggressive Kye-Oat that sported a coat of black similar to many pet dogs in our neighborhood. Think about that! He didn’t run to the shadows like coyotes are supposed to do; he didn’t shy away from human contact; he knew people would feed him! Perhaps he was a cross between two star-eyed canines in a previous generation – one a wayward pet and the other a nefarious coyote. It happens. This mixed genetic code may have had a positive influence on human contact. Beware of cunning Kye-Oats in pet clothing. They are still wild creatures and have you ever heard of anyone raising a Kye-Oat as a family pet? No.

So cute! NOT a pet!!

That reminds me of a recent TV series that my wife and I binged – pushing seven years of hour long dramas into a month and a half. Have you watched “Game of Thrones”? Or, as I am now doing – tackle the seven volume book series? Early on, the Stark family discovers a huge dead she-wolf of enormous proportions and to their amazement – five Direwolf puppies emerge from a nearby den – one for each Stark child.

Jon Snow and his Direwolf – Ghost. Direwolves are now extinct but used to roam the Americas.

The baby wolves do as nature intended and outgrow their babyhood and human homes but remain fiercely loyal to their masters but always with a streak of wild independence to the dismay of enemies of the Stark family. A Kye-Oat, like a Direwolf, will never become a tame family pet.

So, are black coyotes rare? Relatively so – perhaps 1 or 2 percent are black or have black markings as most are gray or brownish. All have the undeniable characteristics I mentioned earlier including extreme human shyness except for the Black Kye-Oat. So beware – be on the lookout for blackness that lacks the tail-wagging friendliness of neighborhood wanderers. Educate your children and make them aware that not all “dogs” are really dogs like Rover or Spot. The devil is in the details.

” I am such an adorable little beast! Any kitchen scraps today?”

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