A Golden Jewel is She..

As you approach any of the Hawaiian Islands by air, you can imagine seeing flashes of bright yellow as land is approached. Surely the source is the Yellow Hibiscus (Hibiscus brackenridgei), the official territorial flower since the early twentieth cenury and official state flower since 1988. It blooms every day but, alas, the blossom lasts but one day. Its sweet scent and bountiful pollen attract bees, flies. moths, and birds aplenty. Its native survival is questionable since everyone picks the blossoms and many islanders transplant the bushy plant to their home landscape where it thrives.

The Yellow Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii.

There are over a hundred natural varieties of Hibiscus and it is found worldwide. You may be familiar with Rose of Sharon which is a hardy Hibiscus widely planted in the Southeastern states.

One common Hibiscus is the Rose of Sharon which will grow into a small tree with white, lavender, or reddish-purple flowers. Note the similarity to Hawaii’s flower.
The Hibiscus can be easily hybridized even by amateur gardeners and many interesting color combos can be achieved.

Companion wildflowers that grow in tropical Hawaii are almost limitless. Here are a few…

The Plumeria is beautiful in its symmetry.
The Torch Ginger – a plant of excitement.

One could spend a month walking the lowlands and mountains of Hawaii looking for wildflowers and every day you would find a dozen new ones that you have never seen before. Let’s have a parting shot at the state wildflower…

Hawaii’s state wildflower can make a stunning potted addition to the summer landscape/

Our next alphabetical state is Idaho. An “orange” in Idaho? Come on!

1 thought on “A Golden Jewel is She..

  1. I love Hibiscus!! Love Rose of Sharon also, I have a few of those.


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