A Citrus Mix…

Before leaving Georgia and heading for virtual Hawaii to study its state flower, I want to return to Florida as I am intrigued by Citrus blossoms and want to see if there are any noticeable differences between orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime and other fruity flowers. Are you aware of the difference? I am not for now, but both of us will know in the next few minutes. Oh, by the way, I made a mistake in “An Orange Blossom Special…” since I used the Johnny Cash’s lyrics “I Heard the Whistle Blowing…” and attributed it to “The Orange Blossom Special“. It actually was part of “Folsom Prison Blues” which is Texas based not Florida. Mistakes are easily made and I trust I didn’t distract from your enjoyment of the orange blossom photos. As a reminder of what they look like – here it is again…

The Orange (Citrus sinensis) is there to help keep what is what. Note the five waxy petals and yellow stamens although these are aged and turning brown.

Now let’s consider the Grapefruit

Grapefruit Blossoms with a visitor.

I can’t tell any difference, can you? I wonder if the ant knows the difference. He probably doesn’t care.

So let’s look at the Lemon.

Lemons and blossoms.

Again, by the blossom – they appear identical – the leaves are different and I believe they have a different fragrance, but the blossom appears very similar. And finally – the Lime.

A Lime.

That does it – if I had to identify a citrus type by blossom only, I would be lost as they are are so similar it is scary. I thought there would be a difference in color, number of petals, stamens, and at least something. So the citrus family has identical blossoms, different fragrances perhaps, and different leaves, and, of course, different fruit. We now are both educated citrus blossom experts and have mastered one little branch of knowledge on the immense tree of wisdom.

Ready to venture to Hawaii? I am – I wonder what tropical, exotic wildflower is Hawaii’s state floral symbol.

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