The Little Firebird

The Russian ballet, The Firebird, by Igor Stravinsky is a somewhat sophisticated one-act dance classic. My granddaughter, Finley, has been absorbing it since she was two year’s old and can tell you the story with no detail left out. Recently, the ballet company which four year old has joined – Steps of Faith – had annual photos done and once Finley saw the red mask prop, she immediately transformed into the Firebird. Here she is posing…

The Little Firebird.

To those of you needing a refresher on the story line, the ballet has four main characters – The Firebird, a Prince, a Princess, and an evil Sorcerer. While out hunting one day, the Prince spots a magical Firebird and he proceeds to capture her. To gain her freedom, the Firebird gives the Prince a red feather and tells him that if he is ever in trouble to pull out the feather and she will appear to save him. He then releases her and she flies away.

The Prince receives the magic red feather from the Firebird.

The Prince proceeds to get himself in trouble with the Sorcerer who has cast a spell over a Princess. The feather appears and the Firebird returns to confront the sorcerer and save the day for the Prince and Princess. It really is an enjoyable artistic piece and I have included a link if you choose to find out how the confrontation ends. The Firebird has a very unique way of subduing the sorcerer and his demons.

The Sorcerer!

So what does Firebird Finley do in her spare time? She tours the county and here she is in a photo from the front page of the Bartow County News Tribune issued last week.

3 thoughts on “The Little Firebird

  1. I think you should do a blog about each of our wonderful 8 grands!


  2. I love it! She is adorable.


  3. Nice!

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