Project 101- First Day

To read about the proposed project, go to “Projects” on the menu. This is the first follow-up to that project.

It is noon and I am fatigued already with the hot sun! Memo to file – “Let’s work just in the early mornings from here on out!”. The project of moving my daylilies to the back hill is going slowly. I clipped all the lilies back to 8-10 inches – that was easy as you can see in the above photo. I will use the clipping as a green fertilizer in other areas.

Digging up the lily rhizomes was a little tough at first as I had to switch from a garden trowel to a deep spade. Once each clump is loosened, I had to reach under the plant and gently pull it up to get as many roots as possible. Some of the runners were 18 inches long and that is what I want on the backyard hill. There were many small plants rising out of the runners. Here is a typical clump or lily fan.

After collecting a dozen or so fans, I raked the hill and started putting in concrete blocks to hold the plantings and aid in erosion control. The blocks were stacked two tiers high with the bottom tier anchored with a 3 foot long 1/2″ steel rebar pounded 2 foot into the ground. I had a lot of trouble trying to level the block on the steep hill, but once I got the first one dug in and the second one anchored, the rest came together more or less smoothly.

Here is a photo of the near finished first grouping. I decided it was best to start from the top since this was the trickiest and I didn’t want to disturb lower ones by stepping on them.

After mixing the clay with some topsoil, I watered them, and will mulch after a second watering in an hour or so. The plan is to do about a dozen or so of these little islands and alternate them as I move down the hill. I will post the next group in the morning. The rocks you see at the bottom were for leveling as dirt wouldn’t stay in place. As I complete more terraces further down, the rocks will be filled in with soil from the one below it. Note the rebar holding the structure in place. This is becoming a first-class project.

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